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Kypie are a three-piece band, formed in 2003 by Chris Hallam and Michael Vella at a London school. After having survived the long distance relationship that was University and undergoing various changes of personnel, they spent a year in Manchester making up for lost time, before returning to London in 2008 where they met bassist Samuel Walker, completing the line-up that exists to this date.

The band strive to use their minimal line-up to their advantage, giving each instrument the opportunity to breath and make individual contributions to the band’s overall sound.

Hallam (vox/guitar) has an innate ability to write catchy yet intricate songs, more than worthy of standing alone as acoustic tracks. His initial ideas are explored by the band and weaved into interesting structures. The man himself replaces his acoustic for electric guitar and seemingly morphs from a soft-voiced singer songwriter into an energetic progressive-indie front man.

Walker (bass) is a guitarist by nature and this naturally translates to his bass lines which provide important melodic and energetic contributions to the songs, at times, almost taking a lead guitar-like role.

Vella (drums) creates beats that flow coherently with the other instruments yet have a voice of their own. He is given freedom to emerge to the forefront at times, adding an instrumental dimension to what the band do.

Throughout their student days Kypie continued to gig in London when possible, as well as performing at numerous Manchester venues and student events. They were a part of the 2005 “In The City” festival and also headlined the York Festival that summer. Since returning to London the band have concentrated their efforts on promoting themselves within London. They would regularly play at a self-run music night in 2009 as well as hitting some important venues such as Water Rats, The Good Ship, The Miller, Underbelly and performing at the 2009 “Best of British Music Week” at West India Quays.

Kypie are currently finalising their new EP which is to be entitled, “Fold the Pink Lady”, ready for release by the end of August 2010. New material is already completed and ready to be laid down for a follow up release early 2011. Gigs scheduled for the next few months will be spent both promoting the new release, as well as showcasing and experimenting with these new ideas.

This is a band not likely to run out of ideas any time soon. Hallam’s substantial and devoted collection of eight year’s worth of ideas is consistently growing in both quality and quantity. Walker and Vella are both extremely capable writers and composers too who are able to contribute not only to their own role within the band, but the songwriting process as a whole. Since finalizing the lineup, they have truly locked horns with their identity and strive to not only perfect their art, but also challenge their own personality and boundaries.

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