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The Workshop presents: Quid Nova?

Every new venue, every new band, every new gig/event is some kind of risk for the one who is attending. What if you will not like it…?

Underbelly’s sister club and the newest edition to Old Street, Workshop in Road Trip met me with small intimate space, the crowd of young people willing to enjoy the evening and of course the gig and three amazing music acts ready to entertain.

First singer Bice Holden was opposite to both acts that performed later. She did acoustic set and was on stage just with her guitar. Her strong flying voice warmed up the public and invited more people from upstairs bar to the event. I enjoyed her performance but really would like to see her with full band.

The second act 4-pieces band Savage Nomad presented few experimental rock pieces. Catchy, rhythmical melodies impressed public so much that some of them started to dance and in the end didn’t want guys to leave the stage. Charismatic young guys definitely have all qualities for new rock stars and are the band to watch in today’s music scene.

4-pieces rock band Loft Daddy was headline and the star of the event. I had chance to listen their records before and knew some of their songs but Quid Nova was the first time when I listened them live and impression was awesome. My personal reaction was: I want more!!! Public definitely felt in the same way as me because after every song they repeated: one more! One more!

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One thought on “The Workshop presents: Quid Nova?

  1. This was a great night and I can’t wait for the next one.

    All the bands had a great vibe about them. Shame there’s not draft beer but i guess i can deal with bottles.


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