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Celine And Nite Wreckage

A cutting-edge collaboration between electro pioneer and Soft Cell member Dave Ball and feisty newcomer Celine Hispiche, Celine. And Nite Wreckage are what punk rock might have sounded like – had it been invented in the East End of Victorian London.

Their first single Popabawa (an evil spirit – a Swahili name which translates literally as “batwing”) is released digitally on Sept 6th on Alaska Sounds. Popabawa’s hypnotic, pounding slice of electro-glam was produced by the Nitewreckers and then legendary Human League, Stranglers and Buzzcocks producer Martin Rushent was roused out of semiretirement to add additional ‘magic dust’. The debut album will be released in early 2011.

Celine And Nite Wreckage take Celine’s sharp-witted satirical sketches – delivered in an Ian Dury-esque vocal style with the filthy electro beats of Dave Ball. The sleazy, squelchy beats behind Celine’s satirical survey of society come courtesy of collaborators Nite Wreckage Dave Ball and his production partner Rick Mulhall (aka remix team Nitewreckers), plus drummer Terry Neale. One part Marie Lloyd to one part Poly Styrene, vocalist Celine is not just a singer but a force of nature, mixing bawdy music hall and ballsy punk rock in one explosive package – and a witty wordsmith who takes her unlikely inspiration from an olde-worlde London of pea soupers, ginshops and hansom cabs. Born in Paris and raised on her parents’ record collections – an unlikely blend of punk rock and music hall – the vivacious Celine began her career as a featured writer at London’s Royal Court Theatre, creating a unique act that combined music, history and comic monologues.

She has also performed on Broadway, and toured with cast members of Saturday Night Live. Back home in London, she has opened for Harry Hill and Marc Almond (through whom she insisted on a meeting with Dave Ball), and won rave reviews for her 2007 cabaret show at them Edinburgh Festival.

Dave Ball (programming) needs little introduction. He formed Soft Cell with Marc Almond in 1979 while studying art together at college in Leeds. Together they have written and performed countless Eighties hits, starting with 1981 UK chart-topper Tainted Love. In the Nineties he notched up another run of hits as half of a second duo, The Grid. Dave has also produced and collaborated with artistes as diverse as Kylie Minogue, Earl Brutus and remixed many more including David Bowie, The Happy Mondays, Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys. In addition, he has performed live with artistes such as Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV and krautrock pioneers Faust.

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday 24th July – Splendour Festival, Nottingham, UK

Sunday 8th August – M’era Luna Festival, Hildesheim, Germany

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