First Part

Ben Montague at Borderline

After few succesful festivals and gigs Ben Montague came back to London for his first headline show. Supported  by amazing performer Leddra Chapman he performed his hits and songs from new album, released on 31 of May.

Ben started his show with usual and personally his most favorite song Can’t Hold Me Down. I could agree that this song is very good choise for beginning of gig. Later he performed Haunted. Jennifer, Weight of Love, Yeah Yeah, Rainy Day, Broken and couple covers – ‘Crazy’ (Gnarls Barkley’s original) and ‘Use Somebody'(Kings of Leon’s original).

Ben Montague with his band showed again strong charisma and brought amazing energy to their audience. I’ve heard people telling that they really liked the concert. Some of them attended Ben’s gig first time.

Some photos from Ben’s gig at Borderline:

Ben Montague will be at Terry Wogan show on 20th of June:

Album ‘Overcome’ was released on 31 of May. You can buy it on iTunes:


As I mentioned earlier Ben performed on Wogan show. Here is little video from the show with amazing songs of Ben Montague – Can’t Hold Me Down, Haunted and newest single Broken:



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