First Part

Russian nesting doll

“Russian nesting doll (matrioshka, matryoshka, babushka doll, stacking doll) is the most popular Russian national souvenir. The wide fame was won by Russian matryoshka nesting doll far abroad. At all large exhibitions, fairs, the festivals held in different counties of the world, amusing cheerful nesting dolls were most fascinating exhibits. Also it seems, that matroyshka nesting doll has come to us from a gray-haired antiquity, from the world of legends and fairy tales. Actually this wooden doll is about hundred years.”

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I would like to present you nesting dolls from 21st century. Nested Doll – a series of designer matreshkas St. Petersburg designer and artist Catherine Malakhov. Turning to the fashionable today the image of Russian dolls, Catherine tried to unite incongruous, at first glance, things: dolls, crystals, the image of Batman, BDSM-attributes , etc.



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