First Part

Loft Daddy

South London four piece Loft Daddy release their debut five track EP amidst a jam-packed schedule of live performances throughout the summer months. It’s a superb selection of genuinely heartfelt songs that places them
among those quintessentially British rock acts like Radiohead and the Clash who’s sound and attitude are cherished throughout the world.

Loft Daddy formed in deepest South London when guitarist Robert Logan, who in a previous life had toured the world as a concert cellist, bumped into DJ / vocalist, guitarist, songwriter Niroshan Sirisena and bass player Matt Saunders while on the Goldsmith Uni party circuit.
Each expressed a desire to play and write genuine and honest music and were looking for a vehicle to realise their burgeoning collection of ideas. Soon Rob should join the band and then following a chance hook up with Canadian
drummer Dave Westcott, Loft Daddy was born.
The band’s influences are many & include bassist Matt’s Jack Bruce inspired melodic bass orchestrations using a bass/bass pedals & sampler (checkout Dreams), Niroshan’s deep fixation with the lyrics & music of Neil Young, as
well as his Beatlesque harmonic vocal partnership with guitarist Rob, whilst down in the engine room is the most expressive of drummers, Dave, who plays with the energy of John Bonham and some . . .
Collectively the band are inspired more in spirit than in sound by The Clash, The Raconteurs, QOTSA, James Brown and share the same lothario spirit as other former Goldsmiths alumni Malcolm MacLaren.
Please check their website or myspace for upcoming gigs and other band activities.
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For more information please contact:

Futureproof Promotions

Tel: 020 7792 8597 Fax: 020 7221 3694




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