First Part


I would like to present you very talented artist Raff

When talking about the singer/songwriter Raff, it’s a Global affair…born and raised in Scotland by Italian parents, now living and thriving in London, with a radio hit in Brazil, radio plays and podcast features across the World, from Aberdeen to Newcastle, Washington DC to LA and even Dubai! This creative soul took a while to realise and gain the courage to pursue his true passion of music, coming from a background where his life had essentially been mapped out for him at birth, so his journey has not been without it’s challenges. However Raff used this to make him grow stronger in every way, bringing us to today, where he pursues his love of all things creative. Keen to grow and gain new experiences, Raff has more recently applied his skills, through the nurturing arms of London, to more diverse areas; garnering success in the world of musical theatre in a recent Westend showcase, promoting and starring in a series of critically acclaimed burlesque and cabaret shows – nipple tassels included! – styling photoshoots as well as getting behind the camera himself and even finding time to feature on 4 of the world famous Playstation series Grand Theft Auto. However, these endeavors aside, on stage is where Raff truly loves to be, with his powerful soulful performances, showcasing his love of old soul and funk music. Raff has performed to ecstatic crowds up and down the UK with his own brand of soul/funk/pop, in some of the most prestigious venues around, such as Ronnie Scott’s, The Jazz Cafe and King Tut’s. But he has also been fortunate enough to have supported acts such as Marlena Shaw, Carleen Anderson and even Lily Allen. This talent has been carefully mastering his craft over the years and is ready to explode onto the world-wide stage in a major way…spread the word.

Raff  “Waiting For The Best Years” is one of my most favorite songs. I share it with you:


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