First Part

Miami Fetish Resort

Italian based Miami Fetish Resort (MFR) come with their first digital release BeatPack on the newly formed Hyppodrome Records.
With its stabbing synths and a tantalisingly infectious groove, this Techy roller says “dancefloor rip up” all over it and is soon to be available in a three-mix package throughout all major download stores.
Although originally from Rome, Miami Fetish Resort’s producer Manyk spent his formative teenage years hanging out in the Mecca of the world’s clubbing community, South Beach Miami where he organised many
a fetish party in the basement of his father’s luxury resort hotel.
As a son of a movie director Manyk delved into the world of theatre driven by his love of Shakespeare & Byron where he acted and produced, travelling the world visiting Shanghai, New York, Amsterdam, London, Ibiza and Milan, picking up influences in each city’s club scene.
This rich mix of culture splashed together with the madness of the 90’s Miami afterhours party scene and a diverse range of musical influences from Kraftwerk / S-Xpress to Beethoven and Ennio Morricone have all
shaped Manyk’s musical output and led to the MFR ‘Fetish House’ sound.

Driven by his Pura Pasion for the live spectacle, MFR is currently making waves across the International Underground House scene bringing his own brand of funked out, Dubby Tech-House to the super club elite,
and shakin’ them to their very roots with his electrifying live sets MFR’s Fetish House sound is definitely one
to watch out for, as it continues to wing it’s way into tastemaker DJ’s record boxes’ around the world. Don’t miss!

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For more information please contact:
Futureproof Promotions
Tel: 020 7792 8597 Fax: 020 7221 3694


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