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Neon Metropolis

Kicking off the new decade is new funk/rap outfit Neon Metropolis with their fresh take on the 80s classic rap anthem Push It – It’s a blend of hip hop beats, electro riffing and psychedelic flavours that re-invents this
timeless masterpiece for today’s audience. Taking their inspiration from the track’s title, this three piece from Wood Green, North London plan to ”Push It Real Good” with a run of hot single releases from their forthcoming
debut album on Smash Mode Records.

Feeding off TV soundtracks like Miami Vice, The A-Team and all things 80s, twins Kelo Kelle & CC Turbo grew up over their father’s record store The Tape Shop in Wood Green, where they honed their DJ skills and gained
studio experience along with 3rd member of Neon Metropolis and 2nd cousin Manga Marlon.
During this period their uncle Michael West AKA Rebel MC was riding high in the charts with hits like Just Keep Rockin’ and Street Tuff. Other musical influences from those formative years include Run DMC, LL Cool J, Led Zeppelin and later on in the 90s; 2 Pac and Guns & Roses.
But it was when Manga Marlon went to work for their Uncle’s Congo Natty Records that they seriously started engaging with the music business. Then after various releases on underground labels, which led to working with UK Garage producer Delinquent (Mystique, DonE & others) and picking up support from stations like Choice, Mystic, Heat & Extreme FM, the trio toured France, Japan and the UK under various guises before forming Neon Metropolis in 2009.
This trio are looking to take their hybrid mix of funk, rap and rock influences to a live audience from March 2010 (around the release of the first single Push It). Be sure to check them out soon, before the rest of the
world catches up!

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For more information please contact:
Futureproof Promotions
Tel: 020 7792 8597 Fax: 020 7221 3694


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