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Eurovoice is new, anual exciting televised music project to discover new international artists who are going to enlighten the world in the 21st century. EuroVoice is the only Contest where the public vote decides the winner. EuroVoice portal is unique because it uses an internet-technology, which ensures that the voting results are transparent, which means that they cannot be manipulated or falsified in any way. The Contest uniqueness is also in absence of a panel of judges, and the Winner can only be decided by the way of voting proceeding conducted by SMS and phone calls of spectators.

Any talented musician can become a EuroVoice Contestant.

If you want to take part in this competition, upload and promote your song on the EuroVoice page:

The EuroVoice Community pages make up the interactive part of the Contest Portal. The Contest Portal is the networking platform associated to the EuroVoice European Music Contest annual, international, interactive, televised, music project. The Contest Portal allows anyone to upload his or her entry song and enter profile information online in order to promote his/her music. The services offered by the Contest include, but are not limited to, providing Contestants with the capability of uploading music files and the opportunity to get feedback on their work. The Contest is hosted in England.

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