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New platform for unsigned artists

New profesional platform for unsigned artists to sell and promote their music has been launched at

Musicians are using the site to expand their current audiences and to sell their songs online, offering the rare opportunity to make some cash from their art. In addition to this service, includes a range of other useful services for up-and-coming bands and artists, including:

— Merchandising areas where users can design their own t-shirts before selling them on the site

— A review section that allows musicians and listeners to leave feedback on each other’s music – potentially boosting their profile through recommendation for a front-page feature

— A range of articles aimed at people in the music business, offering guidance and advice on making it as a commercial success

Although a huge number of firms claim to offer the world to young musicians, has a new slant in that it provides a straightforward way for bands and musicians to actually sell their music to paying and willing audiences for cash.

Artist/Bands can now enjoy an easy-to-use website with a great design that will help them promote themselves in the big world of music. Many genres of music will be added to our music category page, ranging from Hip Hop to Classical music.

More information:



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