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Friendship of music and fashion

The connection between music and fashion is strong as never before. Some authors agree that was influenced by technology. I could just agree. Before TV and Internet people listened radio and appearance of artists was not so important as now. In these days people not just listen music. They want to look as their beloved celebrities. Celebrities of course know that and use it.
One of the most interesting examples is the band Kiss. KISS was the scary-looking rock band that played during the closing ceremonies of the 2002 Olympic Games. The bandmates admittedly are not the best
musicians to enter the world of rock and roll, but their success was not dumb luck—it was the result of strategic planning and marketing at its finest. The more KISS frightened parents and other “normal” people with its appearance and antics, the bigger its fan base became, and the more its fans adopted the band into their lifestyles.
MTV also helped to create some of the best celebrities of our times who had their own identity, style and look, for instance, the “Material Girl” (Madonna) and the “King of Pop” (Michael Jackson). Appearance was always important part of their show and still is. Everyone who was watching the movie of Michael Jackson, was able to see that attention was paid not just for singing but also for the show. Every tour of Madonna, every album are different and not repeated.

It just few examples. No doubt fashion is big part of artists success. People want not just listen, they also want to watch.

“Brands that rock” by Roger D. Blackwell, Tina Stephan, Kristina Stephan
“The Future of the Music Business” by Steve Gordon


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