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Fashion label as a music label

Fashion labels found good additional opportunity to promote themselves with the music. It looks like the new fashion for the fashion label is to become record label or at least to support new artists. I give you couple most famous examples in the industry.
Diesel, the Italian – based retail clothing chain and fashion label has launched its own music label, Diesel – U – Music. According to, which is linked to the general Diesel site: “Diesel – U – Music represents a challenge to voice the most talented new artists’ creativity”. Diesel – U – Music sponsored and international competition of baby bands, DJs, and producers. The label solicited over 6.000 demos and fully mixed recordings through their Web site and It looks like social media made quite big impact for Diesel too. According Web site “D:U:M operates as a worldwide music support network with strong friendships with some of the most talented artists, labels, radio stations, journalists, producers in most countries. All committed to supporting new music. Online the website is about to be propelled into the future. Sign up to be informed of our new services for artists coming soon…”
Ben Sherman is other example about partnership of fashion and music. Ben Sherman company is running a blog about music and fashion. In support of new music Ben Sherman brings you the best of the unsigned talent – the future of Big British Sound (you can find music in the Web site I tought it is quite good opportunity for the new musicians to get attention. According the Web site if artists want expose themselves on the website they just need submit their details to



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