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“The harmonies are wicked! Great big tearing baslines. Don’t know what I expected but this is great. Hope you’re not offended if I say this is really good pop. I love proper pop music. It’s commercial music that’s hateful and this aint!” Maxi Jazz – Faitless

Electralytes is one pf the acts which performed in London Fashion Week Party. I decided to present three fascinating ladies for you because they are very different from other acts I’ve seen before. And I think it is the band which must be seen and heard. Probably I’m not only one who thinks like that because girls was awarded.

Electralytes is the band which was chosen as a winners of Vodafone ‘Ones To Watch’. It’s the first Pop/Dance group to be awarded winners! These girls are set for International Greatness! 2009 saw Charlie, Tamar & Amy hook up with record producer Robin Axford to create a blistering new style of ELECTRALYTE madness to hit you with. Big things are afoot for these 3 talented ladies as praise and support is flooding in from numerous music industry figures. The group are busy developing their live show and finishing their debut album and are lining up performances across the UK and Europe.

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