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Music and Fashion: London Fashion Week

This week is London Fashion Week and I’ve got and amazing opportunity to attend one of the Fashion Week’s party. Amazing party was filled of music for various tastes and mixed with two wonderful clothing collections (Diamond Label by Agnes and Cushh Clothing by Cushh). Different musical acts presented not just different music but also were wearing clothes of different styles which fitted with occasion. I thought it was great idea for promotion. Music is very important part of fashion shows and musicians always get ideas how to dress in their shows from fashion. It can be wonderful friendship of brands.
The main music and fashion brand of the event was Cushh. I already wrote about Cushh ( Tonight in one of London Fashion Weeks parties they presented new collection of clothing and showed again that music and fashion goes well together. The best description for this new exciting brand is the name Cushh which means Creative, Unusual, Sensual Hot and Happening and one of the songs they performed in the event “Fabulous”.
I already chosen few items from new collection. Check the websites to choose for you:

More information about events of London Fashion Week:


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