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Gigs at Favela Chic and Charlotte Street Blues Bar

I attended couple gigs this week in very interesting venues.

I’ve heard before about Favela Chic but never been there. Joana and the Wolf played there on Wednesday. I already wrote about the band and this last gig was even better. There was enough space and sound was perfect. I could say Favela Chic is one of most creatives venues I ever seen. And if you check the website before you go I believe you will have even bigger wish to go there and to see live. Read the presentation:

A collective. A restaurant. A menagerie. A circus. A bordello. A concept. An art space. A club. A sound. A party. A bar. And none of the above…

I thought Joana and the Wolf was perfect band for this space. Creativity met creativity:). Joana made memorable appearance. One of the guest described her show as musical orgasm on the stage.

Charlotte Street Blues Bar is one of my most favourite venues in London. Thursday was the night of Ben Montague. He did electronic gig with the band and later acoustic gig downstairs. The repertoire was well-chosen for both gigs. I really enjoyed the version of Haunted. And Yeah yeah still sounds in my minds.

In most of the gigs I’m missing perfect sound. It looks like both bands gave special attention for the sound this time. I’ve got perfect time with amazing music and splendid performers.

More information:



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