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Transformation sometimes means success

Grammy’s gone and the new music event is coming next week. Another day I found interesting article in Evening Standard written by David Smyth where he states that the biggest thing in British Music Awards will be Lady Gaga and tell us that Take That’s Beatle Medley of 1994 comparing with Lady Gaga look like a Scout hut talent night. The success of her and her appearances is continual transformation. It reminds me other singer which achieved success in the same way. But first I give you fragment from the article about Lady Gaga’s transformation in the events earlier this year.

“The alien New Yorker, real name Stefani Germanotta, is nominated three times and her performance on the night will be the show’s focal point. Since each of Gaga’s performances is unique, never to be repeated, it seems fair to assume that literally anything could happen, apart from one of the following: playing a double – ended piano covered in mannequin arms opposite Elton John (as she did at this week’s Grammys); shooting fireworks from her metal bra (Canada’s MuchMusicVideo Awards); stabbing and then hanging herself (MTV Video Music Awards); or playing a giant piano on Dalisque spindly legs dressed as a red rubber dominatrix version of Elizabeth I (Royal Variety Performance).

That Gaga is allowed in the same room as Elizabeth II, or even the X Factor audience (who saw her perform her recent number one Bad Romance standing on a lavatory dressed as a Transformer) is a minor miracle. She’s terrifying, frankly. She never smiles, just bares her teeth.  If you came too close, she’d bite your arm off and wear it as a hat.”

I could compare Lady Gaga with Madonna in the way how they achieved their success. They both are keep changing their images and especially on their gigs. Of course, Lady Gaga never copied Madonna transformations. They are similar because they both have so many ideas for their images and their fan like that. You love them, you hate them but you know them and their transformations are memorable.


Why Wer’re Goo Goo For Gaga by David Smyth. London Evening Standard, (5 February, 2010)



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