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Fans, friends and customers

Music world is fans orientated. Every musician who is expecting little success in her/his/their career has to reach even little audience. How to recognise real fan to get his/her attention? The book “Brands that rock” gives you perfect explanation. I though every serious music marketer and musicians should use those definitions and how to use it in music industry. So, what difference is between fans, friends and customers?

“In short, customers buy from a variety of retailers and choose many brands, often influenced by temporary price breaks or other promotions. Friends (loyal customers) tend to buy certain brands and shop specific stores more often than others—often because of good past experiences. Loyalty programs have helped retailers and consumer product companies foster relationships with consumers and modify their cherry-picking behavior. Fans, however, take loyalty to the next level, seeking out specific brands, shopping only certain retailers, and closing their minds to other alternatives. Fans invest time, attention, energy, emotion, and money into building and maintaining a relationship to a brand, and these strong emotional attachments between company and customer are difficult, if not impossible, for others to break. And fans are vocal—they not only tell others about their favourite brands, they recruit others to buy what they buy and shop where they shop.” Vocal fans probably is one of the best think for musicians because they help to attract more fans and especially those people who pretend do not have their opinion and listen music which listen their friends or just follow fashion and chosen tracks to listen from various Tops. As we know Tops come from best-selling artists and the one who buy are fans.

All of them are important.  Without fans you just simply can’t survive. Friends are possible fans. Customer can be them too if you are clever enough to help them to become fans.

According “Brands that rock” by Roger D. Blackwell, Tina Stephan, Kristina Stephan



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