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Gig at the Troubadour

I’ve heard about the Troubadour a lot but never attended gigs there. I’ve got this opportunity on Friday. First I would like to tell you about the club.

Since 1954, the famous Troubadour Club has been a hotbed of emerging talent and a leading light in excellent musicianship and live music. From its early incarnation as a folk venue, and counter-culture den of creativity, The Troubadour Club has remained at the forefront of interesting, original music and spoken word events with a great reputation for originality and atmosphere. Fridays in the club are party nights with new bands.

Four bands took the stage on Friday. First girl played acoustic set inspired by Katie Melua. I like Katie Melua but… Second act was 3-pieces band.

I started to enjoy event from the third act. Major Major are a four piece band from Liverpool. Winners of Rockstar ‘08 they became the first band confirmed for Glastonbury ’09. Since then they have played with Scouting for Girls at the Pilton Party and supported Ting Ting’s and Franz Ferdinand. Invited to record at Real World Studios, their subsequent CD received much critical acclaim from local radio stations and resulted in some great slots at UK festivals in 2009. Their appearance was very entertaining. They’ve got to the public not just easy-listening rhytmical music but also opportunity for couple guys to join the band on stage. Communication with public was live and real. I couldn’t say the same about second act.

The last (Woodburn) was the best in this event. I already presented the band Woodburn in one of my previous posts ( Their appearance was wonderful. People were thrilled.

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