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Joana and the Wolf

Joana and the Wolf is one of the bands which must to be seen. There is a shame I did not have a chance to hear their music before. Just by accident I attended  one of their gig tonight.

Joana And The Wolf are a London four piece made up of Lithuanian singer-songwriter Joana and English musicians Ali (guitar), Louis (drums) and Katie (bass). I could give you plenty information about their impresive gigs and wonderful reviews from Music Week, Fly Magazine, Metro and plenty of music websites  but my opinion one of the most important thinks for this band was the award for Best New Wave Act (2007). In 2008 they were Xfm Music: response competitors twice, again made the finals for the INDY Music awards, and performed at the 2008 Camden Crawl. Joana singing on Kasabian’s track ‘Empire’.

Their explosive performances have established them one of the must-see acts of London – their photo was recently chosen to represent the North London music scene in the 2008 London style guidebook ‘Pimp London: The Guide’.

Tonights gig in 333 Motherbar was impresive and very artistic. But I think that the venue for the voice like Joana’s should be bigger. Joana agreed with that. She told that to sing in the venue like Motherbar is like to sing in her bedroom and invited me to band’s next gig.

If you wish to join me and to hear powerful voice of Joana, come to Favela Chick on 10 of February.

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