First Part

Fate Sister

Fate Sister is very interesting duet (Lera and Charley)from London, which already achieved some amazing things. With a UMA nomination for best unsigned act, and an internationally broadcast performance in St. Lucia supporting some of the biggest names in the business already under their belts, they know the sky’s the limit. Their music is undoubtedly mainstream pop, but with an intelligent twist of Funk. They just have that something extra you can’t quite put your finger on, but whatever it is, it fills that dance floor! They write their own music, choreograph their own routines, have their own style and their own minds. The girls know they were born to perform and are ready to show the world.

I’ve got opportunity to attend one of their live gigs and I’ve been quite  impressed about their performance. Absolute confidence, serious movement, strong voices just approve their willingness to be on stage and to show to the world what they can and what they want. They have very fascinating image and title of the band. Everything together build splendid show on the stage.

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