First Part


They say ‘fashion goes round and comes around’. The style of clothes is returning all the time. Does the same rule stand for the music? Probably yes. The band Woodburn believes  and bring us unique style of sixties/seventies with their music and image. No wonder their biggest inspiration is the artists as The Beatles, The Kinks, Small Faces, David Bowie.

Woodburn live tonight (21.01) to Liquid Nation. Nearest tube station Ladbroke Groove. See you there.

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I attended Woodburn gig I mentioned earlier and I’m very happy about this decision. I’ve got everything I expected: catchy,easy-listening, inspirational music, good-looking singers and wonderful mood. Many people danced while Woodburn played. My friend’s comment was: When I hear music like that, I just want to dance, my body is moving.



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