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Music and Accessories: Cushh

Have you even wondered what the small fashion or accessories shops can hide. I’ve been surprised by the fact that little shop of accessories in Ealing Broadway is hiding very interesting musical duet.

‘Cushh is back after taking a break to set up a franchise of their shop called Cushh Accessories, selling ladies accessories and clothing. With branches on Oxford Street Central London, Portobello Road and Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. The CUSHH (Creative, Unusual, Sensual Hot and Happening) début single featured in the UK National singles chart at number 26, and on the download and official singles chart at number 31. Cushh also charted in the American Billboard chart – (European Hot 100 Singles). Cushh have sold thousands of their (DIY) physical and digital singles through retail (Virgin & HMV) and 7 Digital, achieving sales all done independently. Cushh is endorsed by Hiwatt Application manufacturers (’

AT the moment Cushh is away for supporting tour in China. But if you want to see them singing live, don’t miss the BRIT awards 2010 on 16 February. They will be there.

More information:



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