First Part

Evelina Puzaite

Today I would like to present you probably the most talented and well-known young Lithuanian pianist in the world. It’s Evelina Puzaite.

She already played in most prestigious concert venues as Wigmore Hall, Barbican, and the South Bank. She played in many countries all over the world and won number of awards. Her debut CD Moment Musicaux was released in London to critical aclaim and succesfully was sold.

In addition to her piano career, Evelina Puzaite is an avid writer and composer. She has been recognized at the Grodno Composers’ Competition, where she was awarded the Second Prize, and her compositions for piano have been published several times in Lithuania. Her first book Tempo Primo – a collection of short stories and poetic insights – was published in November 2008. Also, Evelina is “the face of Yamaha”.

If you would like to see more videos where Evelina is playing, follow:

More news, information about Evelina:



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