First Part

Reality shows as a promotion

X Factor just finished and many discussions already appeared on the Internet about the winner. Was the right X Factor Winner chosen? Well… I don’t know. I like how sang the winner and his appearance was nice but, honestly, I did not follow all X Factor series. I watched just few and the last. I’ve got the best impression about last three participants, I remember them most. I’m interesting most in the question ‘how reality show like X Factor can help singers to promote their music?’

There are many opinions about the participating in the shows. Some of the people think that is worth to take part, other don’t want to give time for that. Of course, if singer will be one of lucky 12, he/she will get some attention and just his/her concern how the attention will be used. My personal opinion is that participating in the reality shows depends on the goals of participating. If singer wants just 5 minutes fame and to appear on TV, there is worth to go there. Even if the person doesn’t have talent, he/she can be shown on TV and get attention he/she wants. But if singer has the goal to sing and to create music, there are so many competitions and festivals where he/she can be heard. Even Internet today can bring new music star for the world with opportunities of YouTube and MySpace. Susan Boyle of course is exception of the rule. She came to reality show and had got attention because of her voice and appearance combination. There are so many beautiful and talent people on the TV that modern society wants something unusual.

From the other side reality shows are entertainment for the viewers in all around the world and huge money and ratings for creators, managers, producers and televisions.

It’s hard to say what would be better for the singer – to take part or not in reality show. I would say ‘There is no one truth, there is just personal choice and decision of the singer’.



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