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Tabernacle sessions

Live gigs are always huge opportunity to promote musicians, bands. London is wonderful place for that because there are many bars, clubs and other venues where artists can appear and to get attention for their music and themselves.

I started to attend live sessions at Tabernacle bar in Shoreditch. Every Thursday there are events – sessions with live music. Tonight was one of those wonderful evening on Thursday. Bunch of incredible musicians (Fiona Culley, Kubla Khan, Jake Hall, POLA, Joao Jesus, Ben Monatgue, Raff) were sharing the stage. They were playing in different music styles but in the end all music was easy listening and the evening was very relaxing.

In my opinion one of the best sides of the event was that some of musicians have got new fans. Musicians invited their friends to see their appearance. Some of the guests stayed whole evening and probably they found new artist/s they like.

If you wish to attend one of the sessions and to hear musicians playing, Tabernacle Bar address is 55-61 Tabernacle Street in Shoreditch.



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