First Part

Ideas of promotion in classical music today

One of the idea to promote classical music is sexy image. There is nothing special when sexy image is relating with popular music but still something new in classical style of music because classical music is always associating with seriousness. Anyway… Artists start using sexy image in their performings. But one of the first who used sexy image with classical music was Vanessa Mae.

Myleene Klass used sexy image while promoted her new album.

One of the newest classical acts who is using sexual image in their shows is eScalla. Looks like sexy image is the huge part of their show.

Sexy image helps to promote classical music but it is not only one reason why it become more popular and classical music is coming back to the personal players. Other reason of success is flavor of electronic or pop in classical music. Vanessa May and eScalla add electonic flavor to their music and Myleene Klass – pop. What can I say… It works!!! And I love it:). Do you?


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