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Man of Kin

I would like to present you Man of Kin, the band who plays metal/trash style. Usually you will not find metal style music in my personal player but this band has got my attention because of several reasons. My friend suggested me to listen few tracks of Man of Kin. I did it and I found that I really like the melodical line in the tracks. My opinion the best tracks are Defiance and Russian Roulette.The songs are very catchy and really good to listen in clubs live. So I can’t wait to see Man of Kin on Stage.

The next gig is very soon. See you 11th December in Camden Underworld.

More information about Man of Kin:



One thought on “Man of Kin

  1. As lietuviskai jeigu galima 🙂
    Fainai Dovile kad imiesi tokios iniciatyvos, man patinka tokio ilgumo blog postai kaip sitas, trumpai ir aiskiai 🙂

    Sekmes geriausios, tikiuosi ne uz ilgo susimatysim!

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