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Creativity in the gigs

Creativity helps in many situations of life. Creativity for the artist means popularity and more people in the concert.

Moby took to the stage almost one month ago at the Hard Rock Café to play and exclusive set made up of tracks chosen by fans. Young singer Ben Montague is doing tour through the Airports (I’m afraid I did not fly somewhere when he was singing). This idea is quite innovative (read more: Other music stars found interesting idea of charity. Stars including Editors, VV Brown, Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, Just Jack, Nitin Sawhney and legendary drummer Tony Allen launched the month-long Oxjam music festival on 28 September with a series of exclusive, intimate performances in a specially-converted Oxfam shop in London.

The magazine ‘Elle’ declare the latest trend of unusual gigs. The hottest venue to play gig in these days is library. Juliette Lewis sang at  Morecambe Library, Florence+The Machine at Lancaster Library and MPHO at Ingol Library in Preston. She says, “You can reach people who may not go to mainstream venues”. I shoud agree. Playing in anusual venues helps to reach more fans. Just use your creativity:).

For future gigs in libraries see:



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